This area of the island has a particular charm. It is a calm, picturesque place and with little development. It has the characteristic of preserving the authenticity of Mauritius.
Historic and Naval Museum
This museum is housed in a vast colonial house built in 1771. It was transformed into a museum in 1950 and recalls three distinct colonial periods of the island. Must-see features are a large collection of prints, utensils of the time of the corsairs, charts, bell-towers and old porcelain.
Eglise Notre Dame des Anges
Climb to the top of the bell-tower and be amazed by the splendid sight of the town and the lagoon.
The Old Cemetary
Creepy for some, exciting for the adventurous ones, the cemetery is popular for tombs of the first French colonists.
La Fabrique de biscuit H.Rault
The origins of this biscuit factory go back to 1870. The preparation of these biscuits containing “manioc” is unique in the world.
Le Domaine de Bois Chérie
Nestled in a large tea plantation, the museum takes you through the tea route – the different stages of the production of the most popular drinks.
Grand Bassin
This is the site of the crowned lake of the temple of Shiva and other Hindu gods. It bubbles with activity towards the end of February for the Maha Shivaratri festival.
Mare aux Vacoas
The largest water reservoir of the island.
Parc National des Gorges de la Rivière Noire
It is the greatest reserve of Mauritius. It is prudent to be accompanied by a guide to visit the superb primary forests. Are you adventurus type? Why not try a dive in the river down the gorges? Be careful, this requires much effort and a good physical condition.
Plaine Champagne
This place is found on the higher grounds and accommodates the majority of the mangroves of the island. From Plaine Champagne you will be able to admire splendid panoramas like the Alexander falls; and the “Black River point of view” - which offers a splendid sight on the Black River Gorges, the Rempart Mountain and the Medine Sugar Estate. Plaine Champagne is also a popular place for plucking the “Goyave de Chine” – a tasty variety of guavas.
This small village is world famous for its seven coloured earth. It is located on the Bel Ombre Sugar Estate.
Les Ecuries de la Vieille Cheminée
Let yourself be carried by enchanting scenery. Creole houses, pretty gardens, terraces. Fancy horse riding and farm life, that’s the place you need to go.
Domaine de Bel Ombre
An amazing property with a large sugar refinery, a waterfall of almost 500 feet, stags, bats and rare birds.
Robert Edward Hart Museum
This modest museum shelters some rare pieces of furniture, writings, poems, photographs and shells. This was the residence of the most famous Mauritian poet Robert Edward Hart (1891-1954).
Falaises de Gris-Gris and la Roche qui pleure
This is a superb view on a splendid beach dominated by large dark cliffs. Swimming is prohibited because of its violent waves. La Roche qui pleure: the projection of waves engulfed in a crack that gives the impression that the rock is crying.
La Roche qui Pleure
This modest museum shelters some rare pieces of furniture, writings, poems, photographs and shells. This was the residence of the most famous Mauritian poet Robert Edward Hart (1891-1954).
Rochester Falls
Amidst luxuriant greenery, a small cascade of about 10 meters high. Extremely popular tourist site.
Valley of 23 Colours
It is an eroded ground space with very beautiful variations of colors passing from red to orange, of ochre to blue.
La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes
This park breeds crocodiles of Madagascar and produce skin for leather work. The park shelters monkeys, wild pigs, bats, stags, mongoose… the strong point of the reserve is “savanna with the tortoises” with over 300 tortoises from the Seychelles. It has boasts an insectarium which is unique in the world. It took the owner more than 30 years to collect all these insects.
The Tea Route
This is a cultural and gastronomical coursing which aims at introducing the facets of colonial and traditional Mauritius. The visit starts with the Property of Aubineaux, through the factory of Bois to end in the Property of St Aubin.
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