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Cars drive on the left hand side in Mauritius whilst priority is still for vehicles coming from the right. The motorway starts from the airport situated in the South east and ends in the North of the Island. Roads are generally of good standard.
All sign posts are of International standards.
City Driving
Traffic problems are likely during peak hours.
Road Rules
Vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road, except when overtaking.
Driving Regulations
Minimum Age for Car Rental from National Car Rental
  - 21 years of age

- Rental rates may be higher for renters aged 21-24
Driving Licence
  - Valid Driving licence

- International Driving Permit
Local Knowledge
Speed Limit
- Motorways: 110kmh (68mph)
- Open Roads: 60kmh (37mph)
- Towns: 35kmh (21mph)
Alcohol Limit
    - 50mg of alcohol in the bloodstream
Road Tolls
  - Not applicable
Use of Mobile Phone Whilst Driving
  - It is strictly illegal to use a hand held mobile phone when driving. Fixed penalty of Rs 2000 payable on spot.
On the Spot Fines
  - For excess speeding only

- Minor Fines can be settled on the spot
Seat Belts
  - Mandatory
Traffic Light Regulations
  - Red:†† Stop

- Amber:†Stop or Slow Down if car canít be stopped safely

- Green:: Go
  - Unleaded fuel and diesel are used in all petrol station

- Petrol stations are open everyday from 0600 to 2200hrs
Rush Hour in Built Up Areas
  - The busiest centre of the Island is the capital Port-Louis

- 0700-1000hrs

- 1300-1900hrs
Parking Advice
  - Free parking is a rare commodity in towns

- Otherwise parking fees are nominal by European standards

- Free elsewhere
Summary of Driving Terms
Road signs are in English
Did You Know?
 Road signs are in English
 Free parking is limited in the towns, but it is free elsewhere
 Unleaded fuel and diesel are available in Mauritius
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